SSG2440 Spring-Loaded Safety Swing Gate

This spring-loaded swing gate serves as a protective barrier and prevents unauthorized entry for added security. The steel tubing construction is both rigid and durable ensuring years of reliable service in harsh working conditions. Self-closing design automatically shuts safety gate as an added convenience and security precaution. The adjustable width gate accommodates various sized entryways for application and location versatility. Includes a yellow color finish for high visibility in dark or dimly lit environments. Type SSG2440 is Self-Closing Safety Gate.

  • 長度可調:無級可調長度,可調長度:22“ -40”

  • 可旋轉:旋轉範圍從0到90度,並自動反彈。

  • 塑料套環:長度可以通過鬆開和擰緊塑料套環來控制。

  • 橡膠安全墊:可安裝在門或牆上,以減少揮桿的影響。

  • 隱藏式彈簧旋轉機構:外觀漂亮,安全可靠。

  • 包括安裝螺栓:2個圓形U型螺栓和2個方形U型螺栓,可適應多種環境。